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Sharikat Mubasher allows to list your company directly and make it visible to the potential investors.

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How can business mentors boost your startup?


Noha Gad 


Having a mentor in this fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business can be a game-changer. A good business mentor can help entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes early on, solve troublesome problems, offer valuable connections, and secure funding, in addition to providing advice while helping them realize their full potential. 


What is business mentoring?


Business mentoring is a relationship between an entrepreneur and another individual with more entrepreneurial experience who acts as a support network to combat challenges faced by the mentee on their entrepreneurial journey.


The role of a business mentor


A business mentor assists and offers direction to mentees, helping them run and grow their businesses and encouraging them to acquire the skills they need to be successful.


They usually offer guidance for small business owners and entrepreneurs with tips and tricks they've gathered through their experience.

Business mentors can also teach mentees anything from budgeting tactics to daily operations, whether they’re in the early stages or building a nonprofit.


These mentors are eager to pass on their learnings and develop a trusted professional relationship with another entrepreneur. Hence, we can describe business mentoring as a win-win relationship; mentors can learn new perspectives and tactics from their mentees while exchanging their own knowledge and experience.


Types of Business Mentors


There are several forms of business mentors, each offering unique perspectives and expertise tailored to different stages and aspects of a business journey. Here are some types of business mentors:


  • Startup mentors: They focus on early-stage businesses and offer guidance on launching and scaling new ventures. They help with business planning, fundraising, market entry strategies, and building a sustainable business model.
  • Peer mentors: They are colleagues or fellow entrepreneurs at a similar career stage who provide support, accountability, and a sounding board for ideas, often leading to collaborative problem-solving.
  • Executive mentors: they are typically seasoned executives or retired leaders. Executive mentors assist with high-level strategic decision-making, leadership development, and organizational management.
  • Financial mentors: they specialize in financial management, including budgeting, financial planning, investment strategies, and navigating financial crises.

How to find a business mentor?


Finding the right mentor is crucial for your professional growth and business success. Thus, you have to determine what areas you need help with and clarify your goals to find a mentor with the right expertise. You can find your perfect business mentor through different ways:


  1. Friends, family and colleagues.
  2. Networking events.
  3. Joining professional organizations.
  4. Utilizing online platforms, notably LinkedIn.
  5. Engaging in community programs.
  6. Seeking out alumni networks.
  7. Approach potential mentors directly.





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Open banking is the future of fintech

Kholoud Hussein 


What is Open Banking?


Open Banking refers to the use of open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow third-party financial service providers to access financial institutions' customer data with the customer's permission. This enables customers to securely share their financial data with other companies and use a wider range of financial products and services than they would be able to access through a single financial institution. 


This means that customers can share their financial information with other service providers, such as budgeting apps, investment services, or lenders. The potential benefits of open banking are significant, and improving customer experience is one of the most promising ones.


Open Banking UX (user experience) is important because it can help to increase competition in the financial industry, which can lead to better, innovative and more friendly financial products and services for consumers. 


Additionally, Open Banking UX can make it easier for consumers to manage their money and compare different financial products and services, which can help them to make more informed financial decisions. Also, Open Banking can help to increase the security of financial transactions by allowing customers to grant and revoke access to their data on a per-application basis. This can help to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive financial information.


Open Banking's main goal is to ensure maximum transparency and security, encouraging competition in the financial industry. As a result, the quality of financial services will improve, and fees will decrease. Consumers’ financial data will be released from the bank's monopoly and will finally become the property of the customers who will have open access to it at will.


Open Banking Highways Bring Financial Freedom to Customers: 


A more connected and accessible financial ecosystem will allow customers to travel smoothly and safely to their financial goals while enjoying a wide range of services and options along the way:


  1. Faster and more convenient journeys 
  2. More choices and flexibility 
  3. Better safety and security 
  4. Personalized route 
  5. Easy lane switching
  6. Road transparency and control 
  7. Highway infrastructure growth 


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How could the power of compounding affect your startup?

Kholoud Hussein 


We love the idea of the overnight success story, the business that explodes from nowhere. But the truth is, those are outliers. The real power lies in the Compound Effect. Think of it like this: Every little bit of effort you put in is a deposit in your success bank account. It might not seem like much now, but with consistency, it'll start accruing serious interest.


So, how do you make the compound effect your superpower?


  1. Start with baby steps: Don't try to boil the ocean on day one. It could be ten minutes a day working on your pitch or learning a new marketing tool. The key here is that it's something you can do every single day.
  2. This is a marathon: Once those small habits stick, start pushing yourself. That ten-minute practice session becomes thirty. One new networking contact a week becomes two.
  3. Don’t fly blind: Analyze, adjust, repeat. Look at what works and what doesn't, and course-correct when you need to. The path won't always be straight - being adaptable is key.

The compound effect is not just about relentless effort, it's about strategic consistency.

Study the 80/20 rule; it tells us that 80% of your gains likely come from 20% of your actions.  Identify those high-leverage activities for your startup - whether it is lead generation, perfecting your core product, or building strategic partnerships. Once you know these critical few, they become the non-negotiable blocks in your routine where you invest that small, but powerful daily effort.

One lesser-known aspect of the Compound Effect is its psychological impact on entrepreneurs. By consistently focusing on the small progress you make, you're not just building your business, you're also reinforcing a growth mindset. Each tiny win becomes a mental anchor, a reminder that you're capable of achieving your goals. This subtle shift in perspective can be transformative, especially during the inevitable rough patches. When you face setbacks, you'll be armed with the knowledge that you've overcome challenges before, one small step at a time.

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